Would you bury poison beside your well?

Ontario Power Generation is planning to bury radioactive nuclear waste beside Lake Huron
  • Ontario Power Generation plans to bury
    radioactive nuclear waste approximately
    400 metres below the bottom level of
    Lake Huron. Scientists cannot guarantee
    that this Nuclear Waste Dump will not leak.
  • The Great Lakes provide fresh drinking water
    for 40 million people in two countries.
    Why would we bury radioactive nuclear waste beside this precious resource?
  • Ontario Power Generation, the applicant, states
    this underground dump "is not likely to result
    in any significant residual adverse effects to
    human health or the environment, including
    Lake Huron and the Great Lakes."

    Is "not likely" good enough?
  • Ontario Power Generation did not consider ANY
    other sites for this nuclear waste dump
    except right beside the Great Lakes.
    Is this responsible?
  • OPG claims it has done its homework, yet
    the Joint Review Panel's own consultant,
    Dr. Duinker, concluded that OPG's analysis
    was "not credible, not defensible, not clear,
    not reliable, inappropriate."
  • The radioactive nuclear waste must stay
    isolated in this dump for 100,000 years.
    The Great Lakes were created by an ice age
    about 12,000 years ago.
  • An underground nuclear waste dump in
    limestone is unproven and unprecedented.


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